Saffron is one the priciest spices used for cooking, which gives dishes a delightful taste. 

This is derived from dried stigmas of saffron crocus that gives a sweet flavor and auburn color in the dishes. It takes about 250,000 threads to make ½ kilo of saffron. Saffron is not just like any other spices available in the market with a cheap price. Saffron price is high but the good thing about this is that a bit strand of saffron is enough to give your dish a great taste.

The best saffron is of high quality. Of course, to buy saffron, quality is the most important thing to consider. This will make your money worth. There are indications that can tell if the saffron is of quality. It must be fresh, pure and the color and aroma should be present. Saffron spice is available in different forms and it can be in the form of powder or saffron threads. It’s up to you to choose the one you prefer to use.

Saffron is highly aromatic and delicate. It needs to be preserved well to maintain its quality. To preserve its quality, it’s necessary to keep it properly. In fact, Spanish saffron is harvested usually during night time.

The reason is its high sensitivity when it is exposed to sunlight. When the saffron is exposed to light, it loses its color and natural aroma. Knowing the proper way to keep or store saffron can help you save the spice for about a year. Here are effective tips on how to keep saffron fresh.

  1. The important thing you need to consider is the temperature of the place where you are going to store the saffron. Cool and dry environment is more preferable compared to a warm environment as it will make the saffron threads dry and kill the aroma. Storing in the refrigerator is not allowed.
  2. When purchasing saffron, make sure that you are going to keep them in a dark place, away from sources of light. Natural or artificial light will change the color and natural aroma of the saffron.
  3. Do not store saffron for a long period of time. As the time passes by, it will be exposed to different elements that will cause changes in its quality. Cooking with saffron or taking advantage of it while it is fresh is necessary to experience the goodness of the spice. Saffron uses are not only more on giving foods a delicious taste but also giving benefits to your body. Losing weight with saffron is one of it.
  4. You can use airtight containers in storing saffron or it can be wrapped in a foil to avoid them from light or air exposure. It’s also good to use a smaller container to ensure lesser air circulation.

Cooking with Saffron to give you delightful dishes is one of the best experiences that you can have from cooking various dishes. La Mancha, one of the good places in Spain that offer great dishes, uses Saffron to make their cuisines taste good.