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Mehr Saffron Affiliate Program

Refer Mehr Saffron Products to your friends or promote them on your website and receive up to 17% per referral. You can start making money in just a few minutes!

Let’s get started!

First, you need to register to Mehr Saffron website.



Step 1- After registration,  you should make sure to create a password for your account. Then you can make a request to join the affiliate program.


Step 2- Submit your request.


Step 3- You should wait to receive a confirmation email that your affiliate request has been accepted.


Step 4- Now you can login to your account and get access to the Affiliate Dashboard.


Step 5- Within Affiliate Dashboard, you can check the product commission rate, your commission balances, clicks made from your referrals, and a tool to generate referral link to share with others.


Step 6- Here is the current product commission rates


Step 7- Here how you can generate your unique referral URL link.


Step 8- Your commission made from your referrals will be paid to your PayPal account. Make sure you have the correct PayPal email here.


Join now and earn money!

Let everyone know about us. And you will get up to 17% out of each sale.