Saffron is well known as one among the costliest spices around the world. For many centuries, it has been used as food spices, and it is also being used for medicinal purposes. Use Saffron first appearance is noted at Arabian markets, and since then it spread to different parts of the globe. And up until now, it is commonly used in every household for its benefits in the kitchen as well as for medicinal purposes. The process of production of saffron is very time-consuming and delicate. This is the reason why it is expensive. In addition to that, saffron crocus is being hand harvested, and it is considered as a labor intensive process.

Saffron is famous for its remarkable fragrance, rich color, and unique flavor. It is said that it is a spice the perfectly fit a king. Saffron is being used to enrich the flavor and taste of various dishes across different parts of the world but most commonly across Asia. Since saffron is expensive, it is essential to be extra careful in choosing the best saffron because not all available varieties are of the same quality. Sometimes, there is a chance that you will come across a dishonest dealer that adds yellow threads to increase the quantities of their products. Thus, you must be wise in buying saffron.

Saffron is a friendly spice, and it is easy to use in the kitchen. You can use it to make any dish you prefer. You can do your experimenting with this spice for it has lots to offer. It’s for you to discover. It is one of ideal spice that you incorporate in your cooking techniques and methods. You can use saffron with your favorite cuisine or in various recipes that you would want to try.