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You need to be very cautious in purchasing saffron in order for you to get the pure saffron. In order for you to have an informed buying decision, consider the latest figures on global saffron production: Italian Saffron – 100 kilos or less, Spanish Saffron – 1mt. or less, Kashmir Saffron – 2/3 mt., Moroccan Saffron 2/3 mt., Greek Saffron 5.7 mt., and Persian Saffron + Afghan Saffron 150/170 mt.

Saffron Market

The saffron market lies in the hands of packers, not farmers.

As a general rule of thumb, packers purchase all the saffron they are offered and then have to sell it immediately so that they can make claims that it is from the latest crop year. So, saffron enters the market as a combination of various qualities from various countries. Buy Bulk Saffron the ultimate rule—lowest price.

The packer just has little concern when it comes to quality. You will notice this when you open a sample of mediocre saffron and observe the mixture of white, yellow and red material left attached to the saffron flower’s stigma or just yellow material included. You will also notice a spongy texture and musty smell because of the excess moisture. In our saffron, you will only find saffron stigma.

The saffron’s grade is determined by examining the saffron’s absorbance value by dissolving it in water, measured at λ=440 nm. In order to attain the grade 1 stamp, the saffron’s value must be 190 and above. The saffron we offer to you for sale measures in a value of 225 to 268, testimonial to a first grade strong crop. It is also hand-picked just before the sun rises and the stigmas are removed by hand and dried in sterile laboratory conditions, enabling for the highest levels of both safranal and crocine.

Why Purchase Saffron From Mehr Saffron?

Mehr Saffron is the best saffron in the world.

Saffron is the most valuable and costliest spice in the whole world. Thus, having any saffron is a whole lot better than having no saffron at all. However, if you are searching for a high quality, authentic saffron filaments at just a low price, then try Mehr saffron. Here at Mehr saffron, we will offer you the following:

  • 100% organic saffron
  • All red saffron filaments which depend on the brand
  • Saffron from the latest crop year
  • 100% Premium Grade A+ Saffron
  • Beautiful packaging
  • Low price
  • Free shipping for orders within the US
  • Next business day shipping through the United States Postal Service
  • We offer 100% refund of the amount you paid if you do not love our saffron

We began our business by serving some of the most prominent specialty stores and restaurants in Maryland. Time passed and the word about service, dependability, fairness and product’s quality successfully reached far and wide. At present, we have several loyal customers across the US. Since we decided to bring to bring our store online, we have been lucky to get the trust and loyalty of saffron lovers around the globe. This is what we love to do and we continually do our best to offer you the highest and premium saffron quality at a low market price.

When you order All-Red Persian Saffron, we make sure that only the purest  saffron stigma is sold to you. First, everything in the 1 oz, ½ oz, 5, 10, 3 and 1 gram containers that we sell is 100% all-red saffron. There are no white or yellow styles mixed with the stigma of the saffron crocus plant. The red stigmas are the sole parts of the saffron crocus, which produce the saffron. So, how does the grading of saffron work? When many styles have been attached to the stigma, it signifies low quality.

At our fair low prices, you might be wondering on how we can claim to be selling only the purest and finest saffron in the United States. The answer is just so simple. Low saffron production and a long chain of middlemen between you and the farmer are the main reasons for the high price of saffron. We pass on the savings to you because we would like you to enjoy saffron cooking and using it as a hot tea or iced tea and in several desserts that include ice cream! We understand that when it comes to saffron, you only want value and quality, period.

If you compute the per price cost of saffron, you will be able to discover how affordable it is. We are proud to say that our saffron is potent, aromatic, pure and flavors a certain recipe to feed 6 persons for only 90 cents. For example, at $129.99 an ounce, you are paying $4.60 for every gram or 76 cents for every serving. So, in just 1 gram of Pure Mehr saffron, you can provide a dazzling yellow color and aromatic flavor to either 4 different recipes or 1 dish that is large enough for a group. You don’t have to worry about purchasing an ounce of saffron, as it has a long shelf life. All you need to do is keep it securely sealed in an airtight beautiful tin can away from light.

You might also be wondering on what is the difference between the powder and threads of Saffron. Well, both are superb and easy to use.  However, if you want maximum flexibility, you have to go for the threads. Crushing them into powder is just so easy, so you will be able to achieve maximum color diffusion.

100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our team of friendly and courteous professionals is happy to help you with any inquiry or concern you may have, including any issues you need assistance with or any information you need. 

Here at Mehr Saffron, we supply highest quality saffrons produced from countries mentioned above.

Bulk Packing: We carefully pack saffron in a sterile environment in 250-500 grams tin or plastic containers.

Retail Packaging: We offer 1 gram, 3 grams, 5 grams, 10 grams, ½ ounce and 1 ounce sealed in beautiful packs.

We deliver our saffron products around the world

Mehr Saffron products are the highest quality saffrons produced in countries such as Spain, Morocco, Italy, Kashmir, Greece and Afghanistan.