Afghan Saffron

The arid climate and dry winds in Afghanistan makes this place an ideal environment to grow and cultivate Saffron. In certain parts of Afghanistan, saffron has actually been very successful. Perfectly suited to environment and climate, Afghan Saffron is certainly an exotic spice that has significantly established itself among private companies, traders, farmers, farmers and even buyers as excellent income-generating opportunity.

History of Afghan Saffron

Saffron cultivation was believed to spread all across Afghanistan because of the efforts of United Kingdom and European Union. Together, these promote Afghan saffron cultivation among cash-strapped and impoverished Afghan farmers. They also stress Afghanistan’s semi-arid and sunny climate ideal for Afghan saffron crocus growth.

Cultivation, Care and Maintenance of Afghan Saffron

Proper cultivation and care should be exercised upon planting Saffron. Avoid walking inside the field and as much as possible, do not allow kids to step on the planted soil. This plant is somehow sensitive and stepping into this might affect its survival.

Applying fertilizer is recommended but individuals have to note that Afghan Saffron needs limited amount of nutrients as compared to other types of agricultural plants. Applying excessive fertilizer into the Saffron plant is not really advised for this might result to excessive growth and can negatively affect its quality as well as the flower development. Applying the right amount of animal manure before planting can help.

Afghan Saffron Quality

The Afghan Saffron has been recognized as one of the best saffron in the world. This unique and precious plant paves way to the production of finest quality Afghan Saffron. This red gold herb has grown sufficiently in this country and its cultivation has become widespread and popular. At present, Afghan Saffron is highly regarded as one of the most essential exporting items in Afghanistan.

Many provinces in Afghanistan are now into Saffron cultivation process hoping that the country has already found better alternatives with saffron which is now noted for its excellent quality and taste all over the world.

Afghanistan has great growing facilities on different provinces to ensure that Afghan saffron is of best quality upon reaching consumers. Everything, starting from planting, harvesting and all other processes involved in growing saffron is properly dealt and taken care with. Once Saffron is harvested, this is packaged carefully and offered commercially with guaranteed highest international quality standards.

Afghan Saffron Market

Fresh Afghan saffron is widely available on local special spice markets however; this starts to dominate the online market. Individuals can now purchase premium quality Afghan Saffron online however, they are advised to commit with the most reliable and reputable site offering the best Saffron products.

Purchase Afghan Saffron from sites that have been selling these products for longest years and not from newcomer websites. Though Saffron is offered on local spice stores, many individuals these days prefer to purchase or place their orders online probably because of ease and convenience. Also, there are wide selections of Afghan Saffron offered online and you have all the freedom to choose the ones you prefer.