Measuring Saffron Classification


Grading of saffron is done through gauging Picrocrocin (flavor), Crocin (color) and Safranal (aroma) content. This is done in the laboratory by ISO professionals, and the higher the number of these 3 factors means the higher the saffron quality. For your information, International Organization for Standardization or ISO is a global confederation of national standard giving bodies that set saffron classification based on the minimum prerequisites of every quality. This is referred to as ISO 3632.

Standards for Saffron Classification

ISO, a federation of national standards bodies, sets the saffron classification standards. ISO 3632 exclusively deals with saffron and sets up 4 grades of color intensity such as IV (lowest), III, II and I (purest and finest saffron quality).

Saffron Classification gauges the level of 440-nm light absorbency by using samples of dray saffron. High absorbencies mean that there is a high concentration of crocin and high intensity of color. These variables are gauged through spectro-photometer details at testing laboratories around the world.

saffron grades

The major saffron producing countries have various Saffron names and classification. Here are some of the most common commercial results and names in saffron producing countries:

  • Persian Saffron: result 2000/2001 = 160 ton   |   Classification: 1-Sargol (All-Red), 2-Dasteh,  3-pushal
  • Spanish Saffron: Classification base on coloring strength   |   Classification: 1-Cupe,  2-Mancha,  3- Rio,  4- Sierra
  • Greece Saffron: Commercial name : Red Saffron
  • Indian Saffron: Commercial name : Mongra, Lacha

The available saffron classification

What You Need to Know About Saffron Classification and Grading?


Saffron’s classification and grading depends on picocrocine (flavor), safranal (aroma) and crocine (color). When these factors have a high number, that means that the saffron has a better quality.

What is Saffron Classification? Pure saffron is classified as the following:

  • Grade 1 or A+ or All Red: All red saffron that contains stigmas only. This is our 100% Premium Saffron.
  • Grade 2 or A or Thread: Contains the red stigmas and connected to the end part of the style that is yellow/ white in color.
  • Grade 3 or B or Tied bunch: Contains the red stigmas connected to the entire style.

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