100% Pure and Organic All-Red Saffron

Pure Sargol Saffron (All-Red Saffron)

When translated literally, Sargol Saffron means “top part of the flower” or All Red Saffron.

All-Red Saffron’s quality is tied to its purity, freshness and aroma. Our All-Red Saffron is 100% fresh and pure, and it contains only the red stigmas of the saffron flower.

Amazing facts about using pure saffron:

  • Saffron is a very strong antioxidant with great benefits that will give your body a total cleanse.
  • Saffron enhance the fertility of males. It can also help relieve tension and anxiety.
  • Saffron is good for ladies, as it eases the discomforts brought by premenstrual syndrome.
  • In Texas, clinical researchers have proven that saffron may help in circulating vision loss.
  • One study concluded saffron’s initial evidence of a potential therapeutic effect in treating mood swings. Apart from that, it is also proven to be antispasmodic.

All-Red Saffron / Sargol Saffron Qulaity:

Mehr Saffron, All-Red Saffron or Sargol Saffron is made up of red stigmas of saffron flower that have been delicately and professional cut and split from the style after drying. Stigmas that are cut this way do not entrap the moisture that is inside. Based on the saffron grading standard set by ISO, our saffron passes the requirement for grade A+, and has a minimum range of 240-265 color degrees.

Our Saffron suppliers do not use any chemical material for cultivation, and it does not have any preservative substances, food additives, synthetic pesticides and food coloring. Based on these facts, we claim that our saffron is 100% pure and organic.

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