Saffron is among the useful spices around the world. It is also one among the oldest spices that is being used for over centuries in various countries such as China, India, and Egypt. Saffron has excellent health benefits both for gastronomic and therapeutic uses. In ancient Egyptian and Indian cultures, saffron has been used as aphrodisiac. It is also believed that it is effective in the cleansing of the body, mind sharpening, and increasing sexual desire as well as performance into a higher level.

For long centuries, Saffron is widely used around the globe as coloring agent and spice. It can offer lots of health benefits through its medicinal properties. It is one among the oldest herbs that can offer medicinal purposes. And up to now, it is still widely used in various countries and one of those is India. Liquid saffron works well in treating nausea, but it can’t lower blood pressure. Europeans are one of the first users of Saffron as spice for cooking. It is also being used in numerous industries such as alcohol industry, tobacco industry, cosmetic industry, dairy industry, and dye industry.

According to history, Cleopatra used saffron in order to make her skin golden in color and give it a romantic aroma. In addition to that, saffron is also being used in some religious ceremonies. In fact, Tibetan Monks are using saffron for their prayers and blessings. Also, calligraphers have been using it in order to write their religious books like the Koran.

Saffron is indeed a very helpful and useful spice not only in the kitchen but also in improving one’s health. This is the reason why it is popular and is quite expensive. However, it has its own downside like it can increase body heat. Thus, people suffering from high blood pressure must be extra careful in terms of saffron consumption.