Saffron price is the highest costly spices available for a lot of years.

In bygone times it was utilized rather than of real currency in Greece and South West Asia, where it was made and utilized.

Saffron itself doesn’t have the capability to grow especially in the wild area and assumed to have been promulgating in cross breeding. Saffron has bitter taste and unmistakable smell outcome from the substances, safranal and picrocrocin. Saffron also contains a very powerful carotenoid dye,and crocin that provides yellow color. It has been popular and traded for almost 4000 years and treats many ailments as well.

Saffron price- Saffron Properties

This spice contains over 100 components, however the 3 most essential substances are crocin that is accountable for its color, safranal that provides its aroma and picrocrocin that gives its bitter taste.

Saffron has a long history in conventional healing and currently it has been recognized for curing respiratory disorders and infections like colds and coughs, smallpox, scarlet fever, hypoxia, cancer and asthma. It also efficient in blood circulatory disorders, paralysis, insomnia, heart diseases, gout, eye disorder, chronic uterine haemorrhage, amenorrhea, dysmorrhea, baby colic, digestive stimulant, eye disorders, , menopausal problems, women menstrual pain and depression.

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