Saffron is a flower being widely used all over the world as a spice. It contains a natural chemical called Crocin and this is the reason why they have colors. Crocin can be found in the part of the flower where red thread is visible. This type of chemical has the highest amount when the flower is fresh but as it grows old the chemical also changes and this are now called Safranel. The Safranel is the one responsible why there is a good aroma once this are being used. This is the transition period that Saffron undergoes.

Upon storage of Saffron the aging process still continues and this cannot be stopped. The only thing that can happen when this are stored without further knowledge is that the aging process accelerates. These are due to some reasons such as temperature and light. It adds to the cause why their aging accelerates than slowing it down. That’s why to make the life of Saffron longer all that needs to be done is the opposite. With the use of hibernation this can help in slowing down the transition period of the flower. It is advisable to store the Saffron in a place where it is dark, cool and dry.

Having a balance temperature that is not above 20C and the humidity is at least 40 percent can slow down the life span. Putting it in a refrigerator is not good since they are more prone to moisture. The Crocin contains the most important part of the Saffron. When these are not present the saffron has no more use since the chemicals that are needed is not there. If these are being properly stored their life span can last for years. They can be kept in shelves of the kitchen as long as this will be used at least within two years. It is normal that Saffron undergoes a transition period and they are aging gracefully.