Saffron is considered as one of the oldest herbs available today, and it has also been used for several purposes. The stigmas of saffron are believed to cure some illnesses, and it is also thought to have the ability to create the strong dye. Saffron is also one of the oldest spices that you can find on the market today that is why it is highly essential to choose the best and high-quality saffron that can be more beneficial for you. Since it is very expensive, knowing what are the signs of good quality saffron, can also help you provide value for your investments.

Many factors can help you identify the quality of saffron. People believe that a good quality saffron offers decent coloring capabilities and it also has a pleasant aroma. The coloring capabilities of saffron come from its thread’s red portion and not the yellow one because the yellow part is the one that is left uncut in a lower grade saffron. This means that signs of good quality saffron is the one which has good coloring strength and that is entirely red. This important criterion is crucial, but this will not suffice the entire quality of having good quality saffron.

The next important test to distinguish if saffron is of high quality is its aroma. Old saffron loses its aroma and sometimes an old saffron has an unpleasant smell. Although all-red saffron is the most preferred ones, you have to keep in mind that this does not necessarily mean that the saffron strand with some yellow is not decent and of poor quality. In fact, there are some people who prefer saffron with yellow in it. Moreover, you have to bear in mind that high quality and fresh saffron is less than one-year-old and this can be more beneficial for you.