Fresh saffron is actually unique compared to other fresh produce. Saffron thread is not being sold right away after the threads have been plucked from its flower. It still needs to undergo various processes that may be time consuming and laborious. It is the reason why it is one of the costliest spices all over the world. Its production is not that simple. It needs to be dehydrated in order to prevent molds and in order to prolong the saffron threads shelf life.

After dehydration process is done, and then the saffron is now ready for selling. Fresh saffron is actually a term that basically refers to saffron with less than a year age span. You can have the finest quality of saffron only from natural and fresh saffron. Thus, it is essential that you choose the best saffron available on the market for not all available varieties are considered of the same high quality. Since it is highly expensive, you should be extra careful in shopping for saffron.

Saffron as your cooking ingredient has lots to offer. You can use it in various exotic foods. It enhances the flavor and the color of the cuisine and it also works well as a natural preservative. Great thing is that, it can also offer a lot of health benefits such as:

–          It can improve digestion, appetite, and it reduces heart burn

–          It is effective in making your skin healthy and glowing

–          It reduces menstrual cramps and discomfort

–          It cures arthritis pain

–          It maintains proper blood circulation

These are just some of the many health benefits it can offer. It is also proven effective to have effect on sexual health. It is believed to have control over premature ejaculation. It also boosts strength and sexual energy as well as sexual performance.