Pure Saffron Pure Saffron – as a weight loss substance is also highly recommended for cancer in the breast

It contains bioactive compounds that will be responsible for the color, aroma and flavor. It comes with phytoactive components, various crocins, kaempferol, lycopene and many more. Saffron is proven to be beneficial, as it comes with certain properties that are very useful when it comes to health.

Pure Saffron – as a weight loss substance

There is a press release posted last May 29 in this present year that involves Doctor Oz. He is a popular and respectable doctor and he is known for being the most respected doctor of the world. Recently, the news broke that there is a new and miraculous appetite suppressant known as pure saffron.

Saffron is a widely used spice for most recipes used by the Mediterranean countries. It comes with medicinal values and some health benefits that ranges from suppressing the appetite to boosting the serotonin levels within the brain.

The research made about this product has revealed the potential benefits to health of this product which involve the following:

  • Effective reduction in weight
  • Suppressed appetite
  • Reduced cravings for sweet foods
  • Having a more healthier way of living

This product can also increase the satisfaction of the person in the meals he or she had consumed quickly while it will decrease the release of the stress stimulating hormones and it improves the emotional health of the person.

Dr Oz also discussed something about emotional eating. He added that there are many persons who fail to realize that when they eat because they are bored or stressed, it can lead to weight gain. The amazing science behind this product is that saffron serves as a neurotransmitter for the hormone serotonin.

Pure Saffron Review:using saffron-quick-weight-loss

  • Saffron can reduce the food cravings
  • Saffron can also suppress the appetite
  • Saffron can also decrease the desire for sweet foods

The result of the medical study matched with the statement that Dr. Oz had provided. This product is proven effective in acting as an appetite suppressant and a mood booster of serotonin.

There was a historical study that was published in this present year. There were 2 teams of researchers who demonstrated the underlying mechanism of bio-molecules. The good news here is that there is a naturally spice that can be used as an appetite suppressant. This will affect the neurochemical stage which will be helpful in provoking satiety. This is the condition wherein the person feels full. The unique pure saffron that can  can also act as mood enhancer within the traditional cultures.

The Role of Serotonin in Terms of Emotional Eating

Despite of the fact that the exact neurochemical mechanism pertaining to action were revealed in this present year, the psychiatric nature known as “emotional eating”, as what some experts call it, received medical validation. When the condition is severe, it can reach the compulsion level which is a medically diagnosable disorder that is related to emotional eating.

Compulsive eating may happen in around 30% on fat women although the prevalence of it exceeds that total. It is associated with weak impulse control, relapse and depression that follow weight loss. In trying to keep with the anecdotal observation, research shows that the victims of this situation may also tend to worsen when the persons eat sweet and unhealthy foods such as candy or ice cream, which will make it hard for them to lose their excess weight.

Antidepressant can also offer relief for emotional eating. However, these products are somewhat expensive and they may lose their effectiveness in the long run.

Pure Saffron and the Novel InterventionMotivation-to-lose-weight

The researchers have introduced the pilot placebo-controlled research which involves the use of the proprietary extract of saffron within the small group of the healthy up to gradually overweight women aged 46 up to 61. The results are modest and the women involved in the research lost almost all excess weight they have in just 4 weeks.

One of the scientist named Bourges together with his colleagues opened the full –scale trial for those women who aged 25 up to 45 years. They also focus most specifically to those women who told them that they experience frequent and anxiety associated between their meals and after they eat their dinner snacks.  The goal here was to examine the psychotropic potential that saffron has which will help them in reducing the anxiety associated with compulsive eating.

Once again, the results were good enough. For the first 2 weeks, the women lost one pound. When they reached the 8th week in trying to lose their excess weight, they got much better weight loss results. This is considered as the positive and beneficial effects that were provided by the saffron examining team.

The women who are involved in the studies shared that they are able to experience change on how they feel hunger and they were able to loss their weight because of this. The favorable change in their cravings for food had provided great and satisfying results. The bottom-line is that women in the groups had shared reported a significant change in their cravings for food.  After 8 weeks, the average is around 6 episodes in every week within the saffron group.

These results have validated the hypothesis of the French group of scientist: what is something good when it comes to this extract is that it works in controlling the urge to consume foods, especially for those women who really want to start in losing their excess weight. They also have reported that they become more active and energetic as compared to those who are involved in the placebo group. These are the feelings that will correspond to the emergence from anxiety and sub-clinical depression. As mentioned before, depression as well as anxiety serves as the fundamental of the compulsive eating.

Important Facts about Warnings and Precautions:

  • Keep the Saffron A (or Crocus Sativus) in a safe place that will be unreachable for the children
  • When you use this spice to lose your excess weight, you need to consult first your physician and tell him or her about your plan of taking this product.
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Saffron as a weight loss substance