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Mehr saffron is:

  • Of the highest quality and is offered in the best saffron price in the global market
  • 100% pure and fresh and contains red stigma without style
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  • Highest quality and Best All Red saffron price in the market.
  • Pure and contains stigma without style.
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If you have been a quest all your life for the best saffron variety with the best market price, our saffron is what you are looking for.

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We are proud to announce that our saffron is made up of red stigmas that have been delicately and professional cut and split from the style after drying. Stigmas that are cut this way do not entrap the moisture that is inside. If the stigmas stay attached to the style, it will be kept inside up to 30%-50% weight.

To ensure the satisfaction of our customers, we sell only the stigmas or filaments. The coloring power is the sole gauging tool that guarantees you of high saffron quality and grade. Based on the saffron grading standard set by ISO, our Saffron passes the 190 requirement for grade 1. Our saffron has a minimum range of 230-255 color degrees.

Our Saffron suppliers do not use any chemical material for cultivation, so Mehr Saffron does not have preservative substances, food additives, synthetic pesticides and food coloring. Based on these facts, we claim that our saffron is 100% pure and organic.

Our All Red has international certification and registered by Food and Drug Administration of the USA. This type of saffron is pure and fine, containing stigma without style. The coloring power is also high, which is above 260 USP without any broken thread.

Saffron is a very strong antioxidant with great benefits that will give your body a total cleanse it has the ability in enhancing the fertility of males. It can also help relieve tension and anxiety. It is also good for ladies, as it eases the discomforts brought by premenstrual syndrome. In Texas, clinical researchers have proven that saffron may help in circulating vision loss. One study concluded saffron’s initial evidence of a potential therapeutic effect in treating mood swings. Apart from that, it is also proven to be antispasmodic.

Pure and fine saffron is costly, but definitely worth it. Fake saffron makers cut it with other orange-yellow spices, but Mehr Saffron is 100% pure and they are hand-picked saffron. Mehr Saffron is known worldwide for its unrivaled quality, invigorating fragrance, great-tasting flavor and excellent coloring power.

Mehr Saffron is considered as the best in the world and has red stigmas, which have been sparingly cut and detached from the style after drying. Thus, no moisture is entrapped inside. Mehr Saffron is pure and fresh. This is the reason why we are the leader in supplying world-class and first-grade saffron like no other.



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