All-Red Saffron Tin, 0.07 oz / 2 Gram

All Red Saffron

  1. All-Red Persian Saffron are all vivid crimson color with a slightly lighter orange-red color on the tips.
  2. Aroma is strong and fresh.
  3. No broken-off debris collected at the bottom of container.
  4. No other yellow or white plant parts (style) mixed in with the red threads .
  5. Fresh and current season’s threads.
  6. All-Red Persian Saffron are dry and brittle to the touch.
  7. Highest quality Persian saffron at lowest price in the market.


Saffron is an excellent antioxidant with total housekeeping benefits that will give your body a total cleanse from head to toe. You will know the real essence and meaning of “wellness” the moment saffron becomes a part of your everyday cooking.

All-Red Saffron’s quality is tied to its purity, freshness, and aroma. Our All-Red Saffron is 100% fresh and pure, and it contains only the red stigmas of the saffron flower.

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