All red saffron is one of the exclusive ingredients that add great taste to many cuisine.

There is no doubt why this saffron spice is really costly. It takes about thousands of saffron threads to complete 1 kilo of saffron. Only a small amount of thread can make a lot of difference in the taste of your dish. Harvesting saffron is not easy that’s why saffron price is really high and this is usually done during night time. The reason is the sensitivity of the saffron to sunlight. The warmth and light of the sun can kill the natural color and aroma of the product that are very important in cooking the best saffron dishes. When you buy saffron, you need to keep it fresh and aromatic. You need to consider proper storage in maintaining the quality of the product.

Saffron is said to be evaluated by the ISO and earned the rating of category:

The quality is very important to make sure that the product is really effective in cooking saffron recipes. Using saffron gives a good smell and great contrast and color to a saffron dish. The best thing about this is the health benefit you might get from saffron.  Saffron is usually included to many European cuisines which give the best and fine dining experience to people. One of the best dishes with saffron is usually found in many Saffron recipes. There are lots of dishes that are easy to prepare. One of the famous and delicious Spanish dishes that are very easy to prepare is the Saffron Rice. Just like paella, the main ingredient of the dish is rice. Basmati rice is usually the type of rice which is used in preparing saffron rice. This rice recipe is accompanied by meat and vegetables. This is really easy to prepare and very healthy.

In preparing this kind of dish, all you have to do is to follow quick steps to make this possible. Of course, it’s very important to prepare all the ingredients that you will need along the process. There are varieties of rice recipes that you can do with different variations of ingredient. It depends on you if what rice recipe you are going to cook. This can be made up of sea food delight, chicken, pork, and vegetables. The catch is you are going to make use of the Mehr Saffron spices. There are lots of saffron recipes available on the internet. This will make things easy for you to prepare a saffron dish. There are lots of options. All you have to do is to pick the best recipe for you and prepare it in your kitchen. Saffron dish is very healthy. This can help you lose weight. Losing weight with using saffron comes naturally when you love to eat foods with saffron. This will reduce your appetite or craving for food. When purchasing saffron, ensure the quality of the product. The quality can define the real goodness when cooking with saffron. The benefits of saffron are enough reasons to take advantage of this wonder spice.