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We specialize in providing the finest and purest quality of 100% premium Merh Saffron. Buy saffron securely through PayPal and take advantage of FREE SHIPPING on all orders more than $150 within the United States. 

Every individual saffron crocus flower contains three red stigmas and yielding just only one gram of saffron takes about 150 saffron crocus flowers. Saffron is harvested at dawn just before sunrise, then dried in a sterile laboratory conditions, enabling to extract safranal and crocine. The crocuses are grown through spring and summer for the fall harvest. They are hand-picked and carefully packed in a clean laboratory.

The saffron’s grade is determined by examining its absorbance gauged at λ=440 nm. First grade saffron must gauge 190 and above in laboratory tests. We are proud to say that Mehr saffron is all Grade A, gauging 225-280 and has acquired a standard of ISO 3632. For years, we have been in the service of providing the best saffron in the world. So, you will not find better saffron than what we have.

buy saffron

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All Red Saffron – Premium Quality Pure Saffron

Sargol Saffron5 grams sargol saffronSargol Saffronhalf ounce Persian  Sargol Saffron3 Gram Sargol Saffron5 Gram Sargol Saffron10 Gram Sargol Saffron28 Gram Sargol Saffron1 Gram Sargol Saffron

Saffron is an excellent antioxidant with total housekeeping benefits that will give your body a total cleanse from head to toe. You will know the real essence and meaning of “wellness” the moment saffron becomes a part of your every day cooking.

  • Highest quality and Best All red saffron price in the market.
  • Pure and contains stigma without style.
  • Seasoning Super Sale: more than %25 OFF on all items

If you have been a quest all your life for the best saffron variety with the best market price, our saffron is what you are looking for.

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All Red Saffron

Golden Saffron (Contain Pure Gold Flakes)

Golden Saffron, Edible GoldGolden Saffron4a1Golden Saffron9aGolden SaffronGolden Saffron, Edible GoldGolden saffron Luxury

Once you taste our Golden Saffron and experience the sense of delight from its every use, you will completely understand why we decided to make it. Its golden and aromatic properties are mesmerizing – a great taste or royalty and luxury….

  • The Golden Saffron contains the best and freshest hand-picked Saffron, instilled with 2-karat gold flakes
  • The beautiful and captivating Oleg Cassini’s crystal bottle
  • 100 pieces limited edition

Would you like to have a royal and captivating saffron scent? The Golden Saffron exclusively from Mehr Saffron is the best item for you.

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Golden Saffron

Saffron Powder, Premium Powder Saffron

Saffron Powder, Premium Powder Saffron

Saffron is a well-known heavenly spice around the world with a sweet, sour, bitter flavor. One of the easiest-to-use saffron versions is the powdered saffron. It can be used anytime of the day the moment your taste buds crave for it.

  • The best quality, exceptional and highly informative packaging
  • No additives and artificial coloring; all-natural
  • Super Sale: more than 25% OFF on all saffron items

Would you like your dishes to taste as delightful as possible? Buy only the purest and the finest Saffron Powder from Mehr Saffron. Saffron Powder is popular in Iranian, Indian, Arab, Asian, European and Moroccan cuisines.

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Saffron Powder

Premium Saffron Threads, 100% Organic

Premium Saffron Threads, 100% OrganicPushal saffronPushal saffron c

Saffron threads also known as Mancha Saffron contains red stigmas with a style of 3-4 millimeters. 101 kilograms of saffron flowers is needed to produce only 1 kilogram of this saffron variety.

  • The saffron threads are bright crimson in color with light orange-red tints on the tips.
  • Saffron threads has the best quality.
  • White and yellow styles are not separated from the red stigmas.

Would you like to make ever home-made or restaurant dish taste delightful? saffron threads is the secret. So, buy it now!

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Saffron Threads

100% Pure All Red Saffron

Only one ounce of All Red Saffron needs a lot of efforts, tough labor and picking more than 7,000 Purple Saffron Flowers. The flower’s red antenna must be picked by hands individually and then dried in best conditions. These procedures make Saffron rare and make its mass production limited. Fortunately, only small amounts of saffron are required in cooking when you are searching for good recipes and tips on how to consume this amazing product.

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Mehr Saffron Company is a specialist in the finest organic Saffron available today. We are dedicated in importing only the highest quality Saffron which is 100% pure from various suppliers around the world.